Dear Jammuites, Get your dog registered or pay fine!

Jammu, August 1: Sounds incredible, but it is true. Like vehicles, the pet dogs in Jammu will carry registration tags on their necks otherwise their owners will have to pay a fine or will be booked under Section 304 of the Jammu and Kashmir Municipal Corporation Act, 2002.

According to a notification issued by the JMC, all owners and keepers of pet dogs residing within the municipal limits will have to get their dogs registered with the MC in accordance with Section 304 of the Jammu and Kashmir Municipal Corporation Act, 2000, and Animal Birth Control Rules, 2001, at the office of the Municipal Veterinary Officer.

Similar notifications were issued earlier in 2011 but due to poor response, the authorities have now attached Section 304 and Animal Birth Control Rules 2001 with the notification to give a strict warning to the pet owners. The owners will have to fill an application containing the name of the dog or bitch, colour and identification mark, sex, breed, age, immunisation record and two photographs of the pet. Pet dogs will carry metal badges given to them by the MC.

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JMC Municipal Veterinary Officer Dr Zafar Iqbal said the registration fee was Rs 500 and the renewal fee would be Rs 300 and registration will be valid for one year.

“Anyone keeping pet animals without registration will be challaned, fined and their animals may be impounded. The deadline for registration of pet animals is 30 days from today. Besides this it is also mandatory that the pet owners within the JMC limits get their pet dogs sterilized especially females”, the notice reads as. Dr Zafar Iqbal said that as per rough census there are over 5000 pet dogs within the municipal limit but 400 have been registered so far.

Dr Iqbal said objective of this campaign was to minimize chances of rabies in the city. “On the one hand, we have already started a comprehensive campaign to sterilize and immunise stray dogs to check animal berths and rabies while on the other hands authorities do not have information about pet dogs”, he said.

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