Dear Jammuites, let’s not fall prey to communal politics


Jammu Kashmir News

To anyone who can relate a series of events to a bigger picture, the Aap Shambhu temple incident at Roop Nagar yesterday is a deliberate attempt to pulverize the peace in the state and co-incidentally just before the Amarnath Yatra is to begin.

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Jammuites, let us not forget that it was not a Muslim who has done the unpardonable at the temple. It was some idiot. Some idiot without the capacity to comprehend the results of his actions and was very likely motivated by elements that cannot stand peace because it threatens their existence.

These elements feed on our anger, our hate and we Jammuites need to show them that they cannot control our emotions. We are bigger than these destroyers of peace who only know how to breed hate and propagate it.

While desecration at the Aap Shambhu temple is unforgivable by all means, we are not the ones to punish these brainless merchants of hate. Can we not leave it to God for him to use his stick? The law of the land will anyway take its course.

Jammuites, let us not get consumed in the hate that is the handiwork of countable few but will lead to fissures in our society.

It is important to know that these hate-mongers are feeling threatened. Their existence has lost meaning in the last decade. These abrupt militant attacks are very, very desperate attempts at polarizing the citizens so that they can bake their breads.

U4UVoice appeals to Jammuites to not engage in the hate that these hateful people want us to engage in. Together we will stand and can easily defeat their ideologies.