Dear liberals, learn how to single out an unarmed student and beat him to pulp


Puneet Gupta

Watch First, learn and let us discuss the matter after that.

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There is a large section of society in India today which has attained prominence from the time the unfortunate events that led up to Rohith Vemula’s suicide. Their already bulbous stature found further elevation when Kanhaiya became a star after the JNU episode. The said section of the society backed Kanhaiya’s every word till he went too far and equated the 1984 and 2002 riots.

The minority communities of Sikhs and Kashmiri Pandits have never found support from the said section. Let us call the section under discussion ‘liberals’.

Research has shown that most people who smoke, take up smoking as a matter of style statement. Most people take up smoking as a regular habit but restrict the number of cigarettes in a day because at that point in time, they are not sure why they smoke. If told not to smoke, they would come up with a zillion reasons to keep smoking. The pattern is just unintelligible to the largest section of the society – ‘Normal people’.

Quite intriguingly, members of the intellectually stimulated aspiring liberals also follow the same pattern in becoming liberals. It begins with all the intent of liberation of the society as an equal. But like most members in this society, these people only raise slogans and fancy speeches but end up doing nothing really. They do find themselves confused after a point but would argue with the ‘Normal People’ if told to re-analyse their choices.

The liberals’ community for years and decades has supported the freedom of the Kashmiri people. It is absolutely alright for liberals that the Kashmiris burn the Indian flag on Indian soil and beat up Indian students for raising pro-India slogans, again on Indian soil. It does not matter that media and government is actively hiding the truth because the side that the liberals have chosen is of the Kashmiris. None of the liberals have voiced their support and why should they. To them Kashmir is not a part of India which even going by the 2000 year old history of Kashmir is factually incorrect.

The liberals cannot support Kashmiris for decades and shift their stance simply because some unarmed students were beaten to pulp inside the NIT Srinagar Campus, can they now?

This is why instead of countering the reasoning of the liberals, today it felt right to show them how to single out a harmless and nation-loving student and beat him to pulp. All of that is present in the video above. Many other non-local students have met the same treatment through batons, rifle-butts and what not.

The convenience of double-standards have come to the safety of not only liberals, but also of those who put their screen’s blank and allowed debates on the JNU issue. The double-standards of those politicians have also come to fore who use Hindutva as their sword and did not hesitate to gain mileage by reaching and supporting the ‘JNU Cause.’ Are these politicians not Indians or are they not Indian enough to question the burning of Indian Flag or to support those students who were raising their voice against India’s disrespect?

The non-local students at NIT Srinagar have brought to light a truth that has always been ignored for the sake of appeasement of political parties from Kashmir. The act of nationalism of the NIT Srinagar students is praiseworthy and they should know that their act of defiance of what is plain wrong has the support of all of India, barring the liberals.