Dear Mufti, here’s what the ‘awaam’ wants to tell you


Dear Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, one of the most dynamic administrators J&K has had, the future of the state is now in your hands. With the recent overhaul you have already given hopes to the awaam of this state. The promise of good governance and effective administration seems to be coming true. This state is bogged down more by internal factors than external. Apart from the chaos of separatist leaders and the militants, the internal ministry has also added tons to the worry of this state. The internal rivalry, dynastic rule which turned out ineffective in the later years, ignorance of some crucial matters and carelessness in dealing with important issues- have made things more chaotic in this state.

The new coalition government now holds the future of this land and also holds the capability of providing solution to the age old issues of the state. This new chapter can pave way for peace and regional coexistence in this region, which is missing from quite a long time. But apart from the major issues in the administration, J&K in inflicted with a hundred other problems.

  1. From Ladakh to Jammu, over a million skilled as well as unskilled youth is in need of jobs. The high state affairs are there to be dealt but apart from that, issues like unemployment are some of the more grave concerns of the J&K public. Sectors like water, agriculture, horticulture and tourism could offer economic opportunities and that could also lead to aggravate budget’s target of attaining fiscal autonomy and economic empowerment.
  2. Accommodation and rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits, West Pak refugees and PoK refugees could lead to a harmonious state in J&K. Jammu and Kashmir is renowned for its diversity. Ladakh- Kashmir- Jammu- we are united in this diversity. Harboring the refugees and the migrants, who have been suffering from over six decades, could rather lead to a more peaceful environment than a demographic change in J&K.
  3. Corruption has been eating up the state from the past few years. The government however, has started taking initiatives to eradicate this demon from our administration. Another major reshuffle in the administration is also in cards, as told by the reports. Apart from the reshuffle, the government should issue strict anti corruption laws and separate corruption investigation cells, to offer more transparency and justice to the public. Also, there should be a check on the misuse of the anti militancy laws by the police.
  4. The judicial system of the state is in ruins. Over 2.9 lakh cases are pending in the state courts, including the High Court. More cells should be made active to provide more transparent working to the people. It should be provided the basic necessities so as the public can be offered speedy justice.
  5. Jammu and Kashmir, both the regions are admired for their beauty, nation-wide. But, the lack of concern of the authorities has trashed the heritage and beauty of this state. The beauty of Wular lake, Dal Lake is diminishing with time and there is no check or efforts to preserve the beautiful heritage. The antique forts and palatial building in the Jammu province have been forgotten too. The rehabilitation of this cultural heritage is a much needed concern to empower the state.
  6. The civil infrastructure of the state needs immediate attention of the government and the respective departments. The roads in Kashmir have gone worse after the September floods and the state of affairs in Jammu is no better. The potholed roads, long traffic jams, traffic mismanagement, improper parking space- is the cry of every citizen.
  7. Another major issue that the state is dealing with, is the grim condition of government schools in the state. With the rise of numerous private schools in the region, the dismal condition of government schools is proving a disgrace to the education system in J&K. Instead of joining the mainstream herd of private schooling, the government should upgrade government education too. The difference between the two should come to end.
  8. The public transport too is a major problem, causing trouble to the residents. Apart from discomfort, the public transport also threatens the safety of women. The disregard towards the traffic rules, overloading, fleecing, women harassment- are some matters which should be addressed.


These are some of the troubles that have inflicted this paradise. Now is the high time to address these appeals of the Common man and prove the poll promises made to them.

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