Decoding Bihar loss :BJP’s strategy to get votes in Jammu, deliver package in Kashmir backfires


Mufti-ModiThe reason that lead to massive loss of BJP in Bihar elections is being sought out by all and sundry from party workers, to voters, leaders, and the television pundits. However, people in Jammu can easily tell why BJP ,lead by the formidable Narender Modi, and Amit Shah, and ably advised by BJP ideologue Ram Madhav, were badly rejected by the people of Bihar.

The reason is simple BJP has forgotten it’s core competency, and core ideology in it’s pursuit and enjoyment of power, and pelf in India, and across the country. The biggest example of BJP failing it’s core constituency is how the party won 25 seats from Jammu, got into power but delivered a packagae of 80,000 crore in Kashmir valley, and primarily for Kashmiris. Jammu has been betrayed over article 370, AIIMS hospital, ending discrimination, and over the beef issue. BJP’s state leadership has also proved to be incapable to deliver the goods to public which voted it to power. Similar things are happening in centre as well where the BJP government has failed to check inflation, hike in dal prices, and other essential goods. The promise of acche din has not materialized 10 per cent, industry and real estate markets are in shambles, the corruption has not reduced. In Haryana where BJP won a majority, the party leadership has installed a CM who has no roots in the state politics, and his only claim to power is his closeness to the Prime Minister. With little or no knowledge of running a government the CM is proving to be a disaster for the state, and soon he will prove to a big liability of the BJP.

If the party does not do a course correction in J&K, in Haryana and across the party rank and file soon it will be headed for another decade of irrelevance. It had promised a revival of Hindustva, implementation of uniform civil code, ending corruption, and holding Pakistan to account but on all counts the Prime Minister has failed, and so has the BJP. It is time the party makes amends to salvage the situation.

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