Defence forces deserve salutes not stones: Balbir


bjp PCCondemning the repeated incidents of stone pelting on the men of Indian army and other forces, which have come to the post floods rescue of the people in Kashmir in particular, BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan said that these brave sons of Mother India deserve salutes and felicitations instead of being targeted by stones.

Balbir Ram Rattan said that it’s most unfortunate and disappointing that a handful of anti-social elements, at the behest of separatists, still can’t digest that the men of defence forces, who have come as “masiah” in the hour of grief and sorrow and have been putting the splendid services during the past few days by working round the clock to reach the people who have been stranded across entire length and breadth of Kashmir valley. He said that the heavy rains and resultant flash floods have shook the entire nation as there are destructions, deaths, sufferings and cries.

Balbir Ram Rattan said that the Indian army and other forces, keeping their sole pledge towards nation and its people to help them in peace and war, once again swung into action and immediately undertook nation’s one of the major operation in Jammu and Kashmir to extend every possible help. The world witnessed the movement of army men in all the affected areas of Jammu and Kashmir displaying valour and utilizing all the possible means to ensure safety of the people besides providing them the much needed items like eatables, medicines, clothes, tents, blankets etc.

“A force, which discharge multiple duties without caring for own safety, should never be insulted by throwing stones, rather it should be applauded and saluted”, Balbir said expressing hope that good sense will prevail on few disgruntled elements and they too join hands with defence forces to extend help to their brethren.


Meanwhile, Balbir Ram Rattan, while appreciating the action taken by the union government immediately after the outburst of the floods in this border state, said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government has taken the incident very seriously and the same is clear from the fact that PMO is keeping a vigil on the situation. Immediate visit of PM, announcement of financial aid, dispatching relief materials etc besides deputing large number of columns of NDRF, directing Union Ministers to visit the affected areas for on- the- spot assessment of losses and review the rescue and relief operations themselves speak that whatever is being done by the union government is its commitment to stand with the people of the state, who perhaps have lost hopes from the state’s NC-Congress coalition government, said Balbir.