Delay in Government Formation..Untill When?

Image Courtesy - PTI

Citizen Journalist Report by Asim Chodhary

The government formation crisis has stretched for much longer time than expected. The PDP President Mebooba Mufti has adopted a strategy of silence and has kept everybody guessing. The silence is even widening gap between the alliance partners PDP-BJP. Speculations are being made that it can be turned into a frosty relations in coming days.

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The people of Jammu and Kashmir are deprived of an elected government in the state because of all the political drama which has caused instability and chaos in the state.

Mehbooba had made a demand of assurance from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP leadership to resume talks with separatists and freeing of jailed separatist leaders and only then she will take a call on the government formation.

An year ago, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed forged an alliance with the right wing party BJP with a vision to unite three regions of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. He was of the view that besides giving representation to two other regions, Jammu and Ladakh, the coalition will strengthen PDP at its own base which is otherwise a Kashmir centric party.

“My only goal to forge alliance with BJP was to remove the clouds of uncertainty and link the regions of the state together,” Sayeed had said in October, 2015. However, it did not gain them grass root support and presence in other parts of the state, but the party seems to be losing in its core constituency Kashmir.

This might be the reason why Mehbooba is taking so long to come on a final decision. She has to think a lot Now before breaking the 10 months old alliance with BJP. If she does so, that will mean that her father, the former CM and the founder of PDP was wrong in doing so when he formed the coalition Govt. in alliance with BJP. If she went on to form alliance with the saffron party, she has to face a rebelism  in her own party.

Though, for now all we can do is to wait and watch while this fateless state of Jammu and Kashmir is going through a political drama.

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