The delay in Jahangir Chowk-Rambagh Flyover construction irking the locals

Image Courtesy - Online Media Sources

By CJ Abdul Karim

Due to the floods in September, the pace of work on the Jahangir Chowk-Rambagh flyover has slowed down. The flyover construction project is being executed by the Economic Reconstruction Agency (ERA) and the agency has admitted that the floods have caused much delay in the construction. The machinery and other heavy equipment to be used in the project had been damaged by the floods and the repairing of that is taking way too long.


The hampered pace of work is hurdling the lives of people too. The project is scheduled to be completed in three years and has hit many roadblocks. The flyover is expected to reduce travelling time on one of the busiest roads of the region and is also expected to reduce traffic congestion on the stretch.

The local residents have been facing great problems as the work is moving at snail’s pace and is proving as a huge botheration. The government must help the matter by accelerating the construction work so that it can be finished in a shorter span of time. We are irked over the everyday traffic jams on the route. It causes delay in our travel. It takes over an hour to cover a distance of merely 20 minutes.


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