Delta Force busts a militant hideout in Kishtwar


Jammu 17 May  A joint team of troops of Delta Force and Police busted a major militant hideout at Chandali Forest in Kishtwar district on 17 May 2015 and recovered a large quantity of arms and ammunition. The operation was jointly conducted by troops of Delta Force and Jammu Kashmir Police, on a specific input about the hideout allegedly of Mohd Amin @ Jehangir, known surviving terrorist of Chenab Valley. Chandali forest has been the stronghold of Hizbul Mujahiddin.Hideout busted Arms and Ammunition

The huge cache of arms and war like stores included, 01 x AK-56, 01 x AK-47, 02 x 9 MM Pistol, 02 x Under Barrel Grenade Launcher, 06 x AK Magazine, 315 x Rounds of  AK, 07 x Under Barrel Grenades Launcher Grenades, 09 x hand Grenades, 02 x Magazine (9 MM Pistol),12 x Rounds 9 MM, 01 x Radio Set (US Make), 02 x Battery (US Make), 02 x Printer (Thailand Make) and 01 x Bipole Antenna (US Make).

As per source, the cache of arms and ammunition might have been dumped by the militants inside the cave type hideout to be used at an opportune time. The seizure indeed had the potential to cause large scale casualties and damage to life and property. The recovery thus is a major blow to the terrorist outfit and once again displayed total domination by Security Forces in the hinterland of Kishtwar. General Officer Commanding, Delta Force complimented the troops  who took part in the operation and commented that the recovery of this cache is in continuation of the sustained efforts by Delta Force towards dismantling of terrorists infrastructure and support base of the remnant terrorists in Chenab Valley.

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