Demand for CBI probe must be acceded : NSF


While condemning the unmindful and irrational coverage of Rassana rape and murder case by the national media, which defamed the Dogras of Jammu region by branding them as pro-rapists, the National Secular Forum (NSF) asked them to mend their way and present the true narrative of the happenings.

Addressing a press conference here today, NSF chief Dr Vikas Sharma said, “There is an iota of doubt about the brutality to which the little girl was subjected. Every citizen of Jammu condemns this incident and seeks death penalty to the person who committed this heinous crime. But, the way the Crime Branch probed this case raised suspicion among the people of Jammu,”

He added, “If people of Jammu are not satisfied with the probe and seeking CBI probe then what’s wrong in it. But, the national media projected the agitation of Jammu people as pro-rapist and anti-Muslim. And that’s not acceptable to us. No one can play with the sentiments of Dogras who are warriors and not cowards who commit gang rape on a minor girl. We worship the little girls as “Devi” irrespective of their caste and creed.”

Dr Sharma suspected that it was the handiwork of Kashmir based journalists working in the news rooms of the prominent media houses in Mumbai and New Delhi, who tried to tarnish the image of Jammu people by misusing their platforms.


He urged the national media to identify the black sheep (Kashmir based journalists) in the national media who portrayed the Dogras of Jammu in bad light and take corrective measures so that genuine demand of Jammu people is brought before the nation which would only ensure justice to the victim girl.

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