Demands of fresh Law Entrance Exam at Kashmir University

Image Courtesy- Online Media Sources

Srinagar, February 26: Demand to conduct fresh entrance test for three year LLB course at University of Kashmir has been put forth by the candidates who have appeared in the previous exam held on February 24.

As per a local daily, the candidates have alleged that the question paper that was set for the entrance test comprised of a number of mistakes. The aspirants further alleged that the answer key provided also gave wrong answers for several questions.

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While giving examples, the candidates said that the key said Amartya Sen is the first Asian to have received the Nobel prize which was incorrect. It also said that the capital punishment means death or life imprisonment, which was also incorrect.

The students also claimed that there were some other examples of wrong key as well.

Sakib Altaf, a candidate said, “Some questions are totally incorrect and bewildering for instance question number 52 of series A asks:

“Which of the following judgments is both a crime and sin?” An act or a remark can be sinful or criminal, but not a judgment. I was simply lost after reading this question. Some questions have more than one answers which are correct but the key has picked up only one. This will surely work against the candidates who have tick-marked a correct answer other than the one in the key,” as quoted by a Kashmir based website.

He further said that Question number 54 is one such example. It reads as follows: It is desirable to have only one world government. Choose the correct argument. Options given are:

A: yes, it will help in eliminating tensions among nations.

B: No, then only developed countries will dominate the government.

C: both a and b are strong arguments

D; neither A nor B is strong argument,

The key says option B is the correct answer. But what about the option

A, why is it not correct.

Question number 49(about preventive detention) is yet another such example. The question paper suggests that it has been set by someone who is not a law knowing person.

He/she doesn’t know what capital punishment is or what the amicus curiae is. This has caused great agony to the candidates. The only remedial measure would be to hold the examination afresh.

Citing a ruling by the court here, he said the High Court had said that setting “ambiguous and doubtful questions” in entrance examinations confuse students and ultimately affect their merit position.

The Court was referring to furnishing of wrong answer keys by the J&K Board of Professional Entrance Examinations (BOPEE).

The division bench of Justice Muzaffar Hussain Attar and Justice Tashi Rabstan had observed that the authority should leave no room for wrong answer keys as “it adversely affects the merit of competing candidates”.

Prof Mohammad Ayoub, the Head of Department of Law at KU has said that the complaints of candidates have been recorded and key has also been sent to experts for their opinion. The mistakes will be rectified only after the department will receive recommendations of the experts, confirmed the HoD.