Demystifying myths around Vaastu

Vaastu Shastra should help people create better living and working spaces for their benefit, instead of restricting them, says astro architect Neeta Sinha.

A believer in the thought that ‘every house a horoscope’, Sinha has spoken out on myths regarding Vaastu:

Myth: Northeast entrance to the house is the most auspicious entry for any home.

False. There is no such guarantee that this direction will only bring you prosperity and happiness. It also depends on the energies and the names of the people residing in that place.

Myth: Southeast entry is regarded as ‘Agni Kund’ and hence, cannot be the main entrance.

It is true that this direction is the place of Agni Kund by the rules of Vaastu. However, it is false that it cannot be the main entrance to your home or office. There is no need to worry or panic as this direction can prove to be very lucky for some people.

Myth: One should not have a deep hole or a well in the south-west direction.

If the land is tilted, presence of a low lying area or a bore well in the south-west direction, one should not think that the owners will not live a happier life. In my experience, I have seen many families prosper even though they have a borewell in the south-west corner of their property. One should know how to balance the energy emitted by the hole in this area.

Myth: South entrance is considered inauspicious and unlucky for the owner.

False. I personally search for houses that have a south entrance. From Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’s abode in Mumbai to Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai, all have a south entrance. One can balance the vaastu of their home or office as per their own energies and make the most of this place.

Myth: Toilet in the northeast corner is a complete no.

In the olden days, when this science was invented, the toilets were not as technologically advanced as they are today. And even the faecal waste wasn’t discarded with such convenience. Hence, this rule was applicable then. However, in today’s times, toilets are not that dirty. By just making a few minor changes like adding colours or mirrors, one can settle with this condition as well.

Myth: Kitchen should only be in the south-east section of one’s home.

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