Dengue cases on rise in Jammu

Jammu: Dengue cases in Jammu are on rise with at least 33 people tested positive over the past 2 months for the mosquito-borne disease.
Apart from Jammu, dengue has also knocked in Udhampur, Sambha, Kathua and Doda.

Around 331 blood samples have sent for testing. With the number of dengue cases increasing steadily, the government has urged people to take precautions and issued an alert.

Out of 33 dengue cases, 16 are from Jammu, 11 from Kathua, 3 from Doda and 2 are from Udhampur. All the patients who are not from Jammu have been referred to the Government Medical College by the doctors.

Here is some important information about the symptoms of dengue fever and how it can be prevented:


After being bitten by the mosquito carrying Dengue Virus the symptoms generally take 3 to 15 days to appear. Some of the symptom are:

• Chills
• Headache
• Pain upon rolling eyes
• Low backache
• Pain in limbs
• Rapid increase in temperature
• Reddening of eyes
• Rash appear on the edges body

Fever and signs generally drop after 2-4 days and then appear again with the second episode of viral fever.

A more severe form of Dengue is the Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. This is accompanied by all symptoms of Dengue and the following conditions as well:

• Significant damage to blood vessels and lymph
• Decrease in the platelet count of the blood
• Bleeding from gums, nose, mouth
• Bleeding under the skin which looks like bruising
• Dengue spreads through mosquito bites. To stop the transmission from one patient to other individual, it is necessary that a patient of Dengue be kept under mosquito nettings until second attack of fever is over.
• Mosquito eradication is necessary indoors as well in neighbourhood and spraying of mosquito repellent is necessary.
• Arms and legs should be covered with fill sleeves and leggings during an outbreak in the city. Moreover, mosquito repellent sprays and lotions should be used on all exposed parts.
• Dengue mosquito is a daytime biter (it may bite anytime of the day) with peak episodes during sunrise and sunset so remaining indoors and using mosquito repellent during this hour is important.

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