Dept of MCNM of CUJ organizes debate on “Changing trends in journalism”


Jammu and Kashmir News

Jammu, Aug 27: The department of Mass Communication and New Media (MCNM) of Central University of Jammu (CUJ) Thursday organized a debate on topic, “Changing trends in Journalism”.

The students of first semester participated in the debate, which took place at community hall, while senior faculty member of MNCM, Dr Bachha Babu was moderator.

The main motto of the debate was that the students should know where the media is going, what are the effects of media on people.

The debate started with a formal introduction of the topic as impact of globalization, introduction of Information and Communication technologies, which on one hand made boundaries irrelevant and has also increased the reach of media.

At the same time, the globalization has also resulted in media concentration, being operated by handful of industrialists, whose sole aim is to generate profit by hook or by crook.

The students in favour of the topic, opined that it brought people together, making people more aware, which in turn helping to nurture the democratic set up of country. “Media also sensitizes marginalized section including women, poor, common masses about their rights and after the advent of citizen journalism, transparency in the system has also increased”, one of the student said.

Those, who were against the topic, put forth the examples of 26/11 Mumbai attacks, wherein the media coverage helped terrorists. “With increasing privatization, it mainly focus on advertisements, throwing ethics and moral values into dustbin”, another student claimed.

Moreover, the students were of the opinion that though rape cases happened across the country but media give coverage to only few cases of Delhi while majority of cases go unreported. Yellow journalism, reconstruction of crime videos, also adversely impacting the society, a student said, adding, the opposition of decision of judiciary by media channels is also disturbing trend. The overall debate was a healthy competition.

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