Derogatory remarks on J&K women show how poorly informed people are about J&K!


The amendments in the status of J&K have brought a wide range of reactions from the whole of society. While there are people who are happily supporting the decision of the government, there are many others who are disappointed with it. But there is one more type of reaction that has been there since the decision was taken, i.e. the online reaction.

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Moments after the big decision was publicized, it became part of the online meme trend. Apart from that, there were derogatory statements made by different politicians on women from Jammu and Kashmir. The memes, taking a funny side, talked about how everyone will be able to buy land in the erstwhile state. Some other memes praised the intellect of Modi-Shah duo in a humorous way.

Now coming to the statement of some politicians, they claimed that now they will be able to bring women from Jammu and Kashmir for marriage. Firstly, such comment is poor in taste irrespective of the time at which it is made. Secondly, the statement is a glimpse of how ill-informed people are about Jammu and Kashmir! Kudos, to the media which failed to present the clear picture!

According to the statement, the special status of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir made it impossible for the people in the rest of India to marry a woman from Jammu and Kashmir. This is a completely false interpretation of legal provisions and circumstances. Due to Articles 370 and 35A, any woman from Jammu and Kashmir, who married outside the erstwhile state, had restricted access to property rights in her home state. She could inherit property but her children (non-residents of the state) could not inherit their mother’s property.

This was the injustice faced by the woman of the whole of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, and not just Kashmiri women. This injustice was granted by the provisions of Article 35A! Moreover, the Jammu and Kashmir High Court, time and again, ordered the state governments to take down the discriminatory provisions (read Susheela Sawhney case), but the state governments never conformed.

The result is here. The whole Article 35A stands repealed along with the special status!