Congress names chiefs of Seemandhra, Telangana unitsElections for the 16th Lok Sabha elections will be held in nine phases, the longest so far, between April 7 and May 12 and involve an electorate of 81.4 crore, announced Election Commission recently. All the parties in India have their own agendas for 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Three parties in limelight in the year for general election are certainly Bharatiya Janta Party (BPJ)  lead by Narendra Modi as PM candidate, Indian National Congress  (INC ) lead by Rahul Gandhi (even though he has yet not been declared as the official PM candidate by the party) and the youngest in the arena, AAP or Aam Aadmi Party.  Congress Agenda for 2014:

Here is a conversation with Thakur Hari Singh, Vice President, Jammu & Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee.

 U4UVoice: What is the major agenda of Congress for J&K this year?

Hari Singh: The official manifesto of the party will be released very soon with all the agenda for this year’s Lok Sabha elections. Currently, we are fighting for coalition and we will be winning all the 6 seats this year. Most of our candidates have filled the nomination forms and Azad will be filling the same for Kathua on March 25.

U4UVoice: Apart from plans for winning all the 6 seats, any plans for the fight against corruption and unemployment prevailing in the state?

Hari Singh: Since India’s fight for independence, Congress has been the only political party majorly responsible for all the tremendous progress and development in the entire country. We have given every good thing to the democratic India. We are working hard to develop Jammu and Kashmir as much as possible. We are also trying hard to implement central schemes at the panchayat level as well. Development work is going on in almost all the parts of J&K. Moreover, J&K is thousand times better than the other states of the country, only because of Congress.

 U4UVoice: Why should people vote for congress in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections?

Hari Singh: People should vote for Congress because Congress believes in true ‘National’ politics, where every Indian, irrespective of his caste, creed or religion is an Indian first. It doesn’t believe in narrow politics of compartmentalisation and division of society. The party’s agenda is to unite people on the basis of their love for the country and promote secularism.

U4UVoice: A number of Congress leaders are accused of being involved in big scams and have been charged of corruption. Do you think that people will still vote for the party despite all these charges?

 Hari Singh: It should also be noted that the leaders who were charged for corruption were also taken into serious action only because of the accurate policies of Congress. Congress is totally against corruption.


By Mani Arora