Despite funds available J&K fares very badly on sanitation front

School sanitationIt is nothing less than a shocker to know that state of Jammu and Kashmir which is one of the most beautiful in the world has worst sanitation facilities in the country, and more than half the households which stand at a whopping one million are without toilets. The government data reveals that the state fell 86 per cent short of it’s target set for installing household latrines despite availability of funds.

What is even more shocking is the fact that almost 96 per cent of the money which was given to the state by central government was not utilized thus leaving a huge population in lurch. J&K has been ranked third from the bottom and only two states Bihar and Orissa have worst statistics reveals the baseline survey of 2012.

While the government says that it is trying to implement the sanitation programme but the intent is still no clear and visible, and this is despite the fact that PM Modi launched a high profile Swach Bharat Abhiyan to make India clean.

J&K schools do not have proper toilets for school children as almost 6000 girls schools and 8000 boys schools lack adequate facilities. As a result of the lack of sanitation facilities particularly in rural areas several times water-borne and communicable diseases are spread causing ill health to many.
The authorities were supposed to construct thirteen hundred toilets in government schools but it did so only in about 80, and anganwad is also saw little construction.

Central government officials tell that the state has been a habitual defaulter as far as completion of sanitation objectives is concerned.

In the entire state only Leh and Kargil did better on the front of household toilet construction while rests of the areas lagged badly. As per data the implementation has been very low despite availability of funds which has put a rider on whether the government is willing and serious in implementing the development goals.

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