Despite Govt claims half of J&K remains backward reveals NSSO data

Image Courtesy-Online Media Sources

While the respective state governments in J&K have claimed development across every region, the reality which was revealed by National Sample Survey Office is nothing but chilling. As per data half of the population in the state is backward, and living and income standards are not as per the development norms. The data released on ninth Statistics Day tells that almos 55.8 per cent of people in the state remain in the state of backwardness.

And this is despite the fact that massive funding from the state government has been made available to the state be it construction of schools, upgrading civic infrastructure, helping the poor and weaker sections through social welfare schemes. The reality is that there is massive leakage of funds, and the money meant for development is mostly lost in corruption, and red tape as a result of which J&K still remains in the clutched of corruption.

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Lack of development has co-incided with massive unemployment in the state with more 30,000 graduates remaining unemployed in Kashmir, and the figure in Jammu around thirteen thousand. In Kashmir almost 50,000 twelfth passed youth are jobless where the corresponding figure in Jammu is almost 30,000.

A large number of engineering graduates are also jobless in the state, while diploma holders are also waiting the government to create some job avenues. There is also a huge trained ITI work force which has been rendered unemployed in the state in all the regions.


Development specialists are of the view that the state government will have to focus on creation of employment, and work towards creating social infrastructure to end the reign of backwardness in the state. People will have to be given a path to move on to better things in their lives otherwise the state will fail in its goal of providing fair opportunity to the citizens.