Despite IAF nod pvt airlines fail to operate special night flights in Jammu, ticket prices soar

Jammu Kashmir News | Suruchi Point Snack Bar inside Jammu Airport and the director of Airport Authority have been fine Rs one lakh by a courtDriven by the profit motive, the private airlines prefer not to fly during the night hours despite Indian Air Force giving them permission to night sorties in Jammu. The IAF decision was meant to clear the thousands of stranded passengers who are stuck in Jammu because of Jat agitation in Haryana that lead to cancellation of trains across north India.

Air India was the only airline which flew an extra flight on Sunday in the afternoon. !50 passengers only were accommodated in this flight whereas thousands of pilgrims to the holy Mata Vaishno Mata are stranded in the city because of the agitation. Movement of trains, and buses has been badly affected across north India, and it was because of this reason that IAF had given permission to allow private airlines to fly during the night.

In normal circumstances, operation of flight during the night hours is not allowed at Jammu airport due to security reasons. However, despite the nod to late evening and night flights none of the private airlines made any attempt to airlift the stranded passengers. This sources said was because of the reason that most operators wanted to cash on the desperation of the passengers, and maximize profit. No airline sent an extra plane to Jammu to clear the backlog as they wanted to operate on lucrative zones.

As a result of the rush, the price of tickets increased to Rs 15,000 to 20,000 per ticket which also led to protests against the airlines. Although railway authorities tried to help passengers, and arranged two special trains but officials said things would stabilize only when normal operations begin. 24 trains have been cancelled due to ongoing jat agitation.

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