Linemen raking bucks for tampering electricity meters; authorities plead ignorance


Power Development Department (PDD) started metering in the state 10 years back with an expectation that it would generate more revenue. It was in 2004 when PDP, the then and present ruling party decided that metering will be started households in Jammu and Srinagar cities simultaneously, reports a local daily.

Sources say that since the line staff of PDD indulges in tampering of meters, the expected revenue has not taken place. The department is bewailing over the metering process which bears an expression ‘nothing that happened so far, has been anything we could control’. Some officers also term the exercise as futile.

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“As long as the line staff is allowed to play with the credibility of the department the matters would continue to be same as they are at this point of time. The engineers and the higher ups of the department fully know about the role of line staff, but still then no corrective action has been taken so far. As such the state continues to be on losing side with revenue generation taking a hit”.

In the recent State budget announcement Mr. Drabu said, “I am happy to inform the house that 100% feeders of State have been metered. The PDD has finalized a fast- track metering plan for 100 per cent consumer metering in next 18 months, including smart metering for high end domestic, commercial & industrial consumers, which would be rolled out soon. I am making a special provision of Rs. 200 crore in the Budget for the financial year 2017-18 towards compliant metering in the State.”

Sources also said that over the years the PDD has taken no action against the people who are operating illegal power connections across the length and breadth of the state.