Despite potential tourism sector suffers in Jammu and Ladakh due to discrimination

Tourism Projects jammuThe tourism sector which could be one of the major money spinners for Jammu and Kashmir has not developed properly because of the fact that entire focus of state government has been on Kashmir valley alone. The two regions of Jammu and Ladakah which have their attraction, and great pull for the tourists particularly pilgrims in the former, and adventure seekers in the latter have been given very shabby treatment.

It seems successive government have kept both the regions backward by design and intent. Both Jammu and Ladakh developed to some extent under the Governor’s rule otherwise the investment and resources have mostly gone in developing Kashmir. In the latest instance which depicts this skewed equation in which funds were allotted to three regions for development of tourism. The capital expenditure for Kashmir is 24 crore whereas Jammu got 8.7 crore and Ladakh division was given 1.1 crores only. The figures show how the Jammu region which is contributing maximum to the state exchequer in terms of taxes, and revenue on account of Mata Vaishno Devi pilgrimage has got only a pittance as compared to Kashmir. As far as tourism in Ladakh is concerned it does not seem to be in the development radar of the state government.

The discrimination in tourism sector is replicated in every other affair of life by state politicians who though speak of equal treatment but fail to act when the delivery is concerned. Critics argue that unless there is a fundamental change in the political vision of the state leadership or a the constitutional system of the state is changed there could be no end to this unfair division of resources in J&K, and Kashmir will continue to dominate every sphere of life.