Despite reservation, women hardly get to sit in the matadors


Citizen Report by Ragini

Despite eight seats being reserved for women and physically challenged in the mini-buses operating in the city, the female commuters here are often forced to keep standing during their travel as the earmarked seats are generally occupied by the male passengers.

Under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, had in 2012,  an order was issued that directed the mini-bus operators in Jammu to reserve eight seats for women and physically challenged passengers. However, the rule is hardly followed by the driver of matadors atleast here.

Even the male passengers don’t bother to offer seat to women even as they watch them struggle amid a crowd of men. And the traffic authorities do nothing to enforce this government order.

Mini-buses have a capacity to seat a maximum of 25 passengers, but they are usually overcrowded. This also lead to eve teasing with women in the matadors. It is common to get pushed and teased in these over crowded minibuses. The women afraid of complaining as they feared they would be rebuked and not receive immediate response from the authorities.

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