Despite spending crores streetlights remain non-functional on Baramullah roads

baramullaLack of maintenance of street light has pushed Baramullah town in north Kashmir into darkness.

Much of the problem of this inadequacy is being faced by the those residing on important roads which becomes dark as soon as dusk settles in. The darkness hampers the safe movement of people, particularly children and women on roads which also forces them to stay indoors.

It was few weeks ago that street lights worth 1.40 crore were installed here and responsibility of maintenance was taken over by Power Development Department – who unfortunately after the installation have left them defunct.

As per local residents both PDD and R&B are responsible for this sorry state.  According of people living here this district has been ignored by the government. The say that despite spending crores on the installation of street lights they serve no purpose.

However PDD denied of having any role to play in here. They say that their job was to install the lights only while it was job of Municipality to maintain.

If officials are to be believed it is the lack of funds which plays foul. “We are lacking funds that is why we cannot buy required equipments for maintenance,” says a municipality official.

Speaking on the matter the residents of the Baramullah district say that there is a dire need to give attention towards this issue as they cannot move during late hours.


CJ Danish

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