Despite unsafe, deadly roads J&K Road Safety Council remains non-functional

roadDespite the ever increasing accidents on state roads which have caused major loss of lives particularly in hilly areas, the state government has failed to take action on the ground despite holding numerous meetings, conferences, and discussion among the stakeholders. Even the State Road Safety Council which was constituted after Supreme Court directions has failed to evolve into an effective body to ensure safety on roads. And the reason is that despite forming the body the government has not given it adequate resources, and thought on how it could do it’s job effectively.

After it came into existence the council has been waiting to get accommodation from the estate department which has failed to find space for it’s members. Though efforts were made but these appear to half hearted as nothing has been done to provide working space to this important body. Apart from this the government of Jammu and Kashmir has failed to make any appointment to the council both at junion and senior level. The Road Safety Council will work under an Administrative secretary, and for this the government will have to appoint a selection grade state civil servant in the transport department but this has not happened. Likewise the post of additional secretary in the technical wing has been lying vacant despite the fact that an SSP level officer has to be deputed by the Home Department to work on this post. Several key posts in the council as such are lying vacant as state government has given little thought to build this organization for improving safety on J&K roads which is very critical to save precious lives.

Unless and until the political leadership of the state, and top bureaucracy gets involved, and understands the necessity of safety on J&K roads nothing is going to work. No council, no rules, no technology is going to work unless the system realized the problem, and wants to address the problems faced by road users.

The objective of the State Road Safety Council was to coordinate all activities related to road safety but the lacksadaical approach of the government has ensured that this novel venture fails to take off.

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