Dev. of backward areas remains main focus of Govt’s policy framework: Rather


SRINAGAR: The Minister for Finance and Ladakh Affairs, Mr .Abdul Rahim Rather today announced macadamization of Nowhar- Branwar road within two months adding that the road stretch from Branwar to Neego- Sheikhpora-Jabad shall also be widened and upgraded to improve road connectivity in this backward kandi area of the Budgam district. He said owing to the primary importance of road accessibility in mobilizing trade and economic activities, a comprehensive road connectivity plan has been taken in hand in nook and corner of the Chrar-i -Sharief constituency, which mostly comprises hilly and rugged terrain.
During his daylong extensive tour of the far flung kandi areas of Chrar-i- Sharief constituency, particularly Brenwar, Neego, Sheikhpora andJjabad villages, Mr Rather asked the concerned engineers of R & B to also prepare a detailed works estimate for construction of an approach road from Branwar to Chak Surisyar immediately so that hardships of people of that remote habitation are removed. He also directed the engineers of the Public Health Engineering department to further augment and streamline drinking water supply in Branwar and its adjacent areas on war footing basis. He said that all possible measures will be taken to revive Chowdhary Khoul for providing irrigation facilities to the farmers of this rain fed kandi area. He asked the engineers of the PDD to prepare comprehensive estimates to streamline the power distribution system in the area especially in Chak Suriyar, Neego, Sheikhpora and Jabad adding that additional power transformers should be installed wherever needed.
Responding to the demands of the people about ration, Mr Rather said that the consumers of the state will be provided ration on higher scale shortly as the centre is expected to clear the case for re- validation of ration quota shortly in favour of the state. “Moreover, the state cabinet has also sanctioned about additional 7000 ration depots which will be opened preferably in those areas where people have to travel long distances for collecting their ration.
The Minister was accompanied by a team of senior officers and engineers of PHE, R&B, RDD, PDD and CA&PD departments.
Mr Rather also addressed series of public gatherings during his tour and reiterated Government’s resolve to ensure equitable development of all the regions and sub-regions of the state. He said that the state under the leadership of Chief Minister Mr Omar Abdullah is passing through a golden era of progress in all the spheres of life .He said development of backward and remote areas has remained the main focus of government’s policy frame work . He said the present government has embarked on a well planned strategy to bring improvement in all sectors on modern lines adding that all available resources are being pooled to fructify these plans as per the urges and aspirations of the people.
Saying that peace was imperative for sustained growth and development of the state, Mr Rather asked the people to be united and work jointly for the development of their respective areas. He cautioned the people against opportunistic political parties who are trying to hoodwink public opinion by launching false propaganda against people friendly policies and programmes of the present government for fulfilling their political motives. ”They come to people in different guise and habitually change their colours like chameleons to mislead people,”Mr Rather cautioned and called for defeating their nefarious designs.

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