Development Became a Narrative Under Congress-led Government: Azad



“Rural & Far Flung Areas like Chenab Valley Received Undiminished Attention”
Urging the people of the State in general and Chenab Valley in particular to vote decisively in favour of the Congress Party, Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha & Former Chief Minister of J&K said that Congress-led coalition Government between 2006-08 gave a new paradigm of development and governance to the State which was characterised by all-round and equitable development, efficiency, transparency and people-friendly image.
Asserting that the Congress-led coalition Government of 2006-08 successfully broke the myth that development is a utopian dream, Azad said that it was practicvally demonstrated by the congress party to disperse the fruits of development equitably and judiciously to all the regions of the State, especially the hitherto neglected and marginalised areas.
He said that this proactive dispersal of developmental agenda left a deep imprint on the hearts and minds of the people.
“We made ‘development’ as a narrative and discourse in the State, and dispersed the fruits of development beyond the confines of Jammu & Srinagar city”, said Azad.
Azad was addressing public meetings at Rajgarh, Sanasar, Kota, Tesna, Bheja, Kulhand and Koti in Ramban, Doda & Bhaderwah constituencies to galvanise support in favour of Ashok Kumar, sitting MLA Ramban, Sharief Niaz, Sitting MLA Bhaderwah, Abdul Majeed Wani, Sitting MLA Doda. Naresh Gupta MLC, Shyam Lal Bhagat, MLC, Mohammad Aslam Goni, Former Advocate General, Arun Singh Raju District President Ramban, Ch Farooq, Dharam Chand, Ghirdhari Lal Bhau, Pawan Singh Sarpanch, Bodh Raj Sharma were present.
Stressing that Congress-led coalition from 2006-08 for the first time made a serious and determined attempt to initiate developmental activities in the far flung and remote areas of the State, especially the Chenab Valley which had suffered neglect for the last sixty years, Azad said that a new paradigm of development and growth characterised by efficiency and quick delivery of services was presented to the people of the State.
Emphasizing that only Congress can ensure continuity in the ongoing developmental activities in backward regions like Chenab Valley and rest are all to exploit and divide the people on religious lines, Azad sought support of the people to implement the ‘development model’ of Congress in the State.
Azad said that the landmark decision of coalition Government led by Congress to create new Districts has alleviated the hardships of the people of this backward region, and has given a new thrust to the developmental process in the Chenab Valley region.
Lambasting the parties who have made negligible contribution to the growth and development of Chenab Valley inspite of the fact that people elected their representatives as MPs and MLAs on numerous occasions, Azad said that real change was initiated in Chenab Valley only after people reposed faith in Congress Party since 2002.
“Those who cannot observe the change have been doing divisive politicking in Jammu & Srinagar to exploit the sentiments of the people, while Congress Party devoted itself to take well-meaning and visible initiatives since 2002 to be reinforced immensely after 2006 to transform the lives of the people of Chenab Valley”, said Azad.
He further said that the foundation which has been laid by the Congress Party has brought Chenab Valley on the threshold of entering into the realm of progress and prosperity, adding that the lies and canards being spread by the divisive and exploitative elements are not going to curry favour with the farsighted people of Chenab Valley.
Azad said that Congress-led coalition Government form 2006-08 is known to have made serious and sincere efforts for addressing the grievances and problems of all the sections and regions, including the backward and neglected areas.
Assuring the people to revive the massive developmental thrust of 2006-08, Azad urged the people to once again repose faith in the Congress Party and allow

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