Development is the agenda of BJP and PDP alliance – Dr Singh


Jammu and kashmir

JAMMU, MARCH 25: Minister of State(MoS) Dr Jitendra Singh while addressing the media persons today at the circuit house said there has never been a break down in the coalition between the BJP and the PDP and it is the continuation of process we started year back, he said.

“To be precise there were no differences, but certainly when you are in the coalition you have to accommodate each others priorities and preferences and that is precisely what we do in a healthy coalition and for the people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.” said Dr Singh.

When asked about the tension rising in Kashmir, He said that the government policy on Kashmir is very clear. Kashmir is an integral part of India and will continue to be so, and there is a Constitutional evidence to that.


When asked by a mediaperson if Dr. Singh thinks that the double standards of Hurriyat people have been exposed as they are not ready to talk to Indian leaders but they are rushing to Pakistan high commission and that too under the garb of kashmir resolution, Dr Singh said,

“I think the nation today has become very awakened. They can make out very well what is right and what is wrong, what is true what is false, you cannot play politics by other means.”

When asked about the government formation he replied,

“I think very soon both the parties will get together and work on the issue and ensure that the structure is placed with all its qualities and compatibility.”

He also focused on the fact that the development of J&K is the Agenda of Alliance, saying that the ideology behind the both parties is to ensure that the development happens in any manner.

We are all walking in the footsteps of our Prime Minister, who has taken the development of this country to the next level.