Devender Rana joins BJP, Jammu public suggests Raman Bhalla to do same


National Congress former senior leader Devender Singh Rana recently switched to Bhartiya Janata Party, the one in power.

Talking to media, many people congratulated the leader calling it a bold step for the welfare of the region.

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“Joining BJP is a positive move. Rana’s approach and his thinking will get wings. He can serve the region and will get a platform to execute his plans. I think BJP will support him in decisions favouring Jammu.” said a Jammu local

“BJP is the party for people. It has worked for everyone’s benefits. NC speaks more in favour of Pakistan. I suggest Raman Bhalla to join BJP too. Two senior leaders raising voice for Jammu is the need of the hour.” added the other

While Rana received praises for the party change, some criticised the leader for the same.

“Leaders just change parties. They don’t work for the betterment of people. The public is struggling and will continue to do so. Don’t think this decision will affect the current situation in any positive way.” Some people said

While the celebrations of the big decision continue, the next move by the senior leader is awaited.