‘DGCA gave flight clearance to Malaysian PM, Pak blocked airspace’


New Delhi : India has categorically dismissed reports that Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s right to fly over India was denied by the authorities here during his recent visit to Pakistan.

Sections of Pakistan media quoting government officials have been reporting that Mahathir’s flight took much longer to reach Pakistan because India did not allow him to use its airspace.

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Calling the reports ‘false and motivated’, government sources said “The truth is that Pakistan has blocked its own airspace from flights which are overflying India.

Therefore, even though DGCA had given overflight clearance to Malaysian PM’s flight, it had to take a longer route because Pakistan denied permission.”

Mahathir’s three-day official visit to Pakistan began on March 21. He was a guest on Pakistan National Day, government sources said. “It is strange that even for their National day guest from Malaysia, Pakistan could not make an exception thereby resulting in a longer flight by Malaysian Prime Minister,” sources added.

All flights, including international flights, flying westward from/over Pakistan are not being allowed to fly over India by Pakistan, even though India has not put any restriction, the government source said.