DGP Rajendra confirms no IS ideological tilt in the state

Jammu, November 17: As per Director General of Police K Rajendra Kumar, in the state of Jammu and Kashmir there is no ideological tilt of terror outfits towards ISIS.

DGP was having a conversation with some media persons during a function in Doda on Monday. According to him, the Jammu and Kashmir Police department is all prepared to fight terror attacks and is watchful towards any kind of threats.

Militancy in the State has been reduced to a great extent in the last few years. There is a strict and proper border management in the state. With the help of the strict vigil of security forces on the border, the infiltration of militants from across the border has also been reduced to some amount which is a good sign, Rajendra told the reporters in Doda.

He also said that the department is vigilant towards the security of the state. It has kept a close eye across the state and is prepared to deal with any kind of activity that affects the peace of the state.

DGP was also asked questions regarding the presence of militants across the border. “We cannot disclose any information regarding the actual number of militants across the border as the figure is always fluctuating,” he replied.

Upon asking about the presence of militants with ISIS backing in the state, the police chief replied that the police department and the other security agencies as well investigated a number of matters and arrested few people also but not even a single such case have been found till now.

The DGP also commented over the issue of youth inclining towards militancy in Kashmir, he said that some of the youth boys in the valley have chosen wrong path and have joined terror outfits. The police department is making its best efforts to bring them on the right part and has also succeeded to some levels. Some of the youth has shunned the path of violence and have returned to a normal life. The department is working continuously over the problem.