Dial for convenience trend picking up in Jammu

By Citizen Journalist Iana Chaudhary


Advertising professional Manit Khurana pulls the graveyard shift often, which affects his sleep cycle along with his diet. But, with the mushrooming of many all-night delivery set-ups in the capital, he now has an option of thinking beyond chips and instant noodles.

From food and cold drinks to condoms and cigarettes, these delivery outlets offer it all, making it a win-win situation for late-night sleepers.


“Such services are a blessing. Earlier, I either used to sleep having a cup of noodles or make unnecessary plans with friends so that I can eat something substantial. Now, no more. The days I get late at work, I no longer need to worry about a good meal being delivered at my door step,” 28-year-old Khurana said.

Shalin Mishra, founder of Late Night, shared that their customers have the option of selecting between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.


“After a lot of feedback and testing, we will be launching a new product offering keeping in mind quality, taste, convenience and overall customer experience,” she said.

Moving beyond routine offerings, Negi of Batman Delivers said they keep innovating to deliver better value and service to customers.

“Keeping the same thought we have launched services like plumber, electrician and driver at night,” Negi added. They operate between 7 p.m.and 5 a.m.

So, what keeps the business going successfully?

“Unprecedented change in lifestyles, demanding and busy schedules and willingness to shed extra bucks for customised services are a major reason for the success of late night delivery services in India,” Mishra explained.

Agreed Jain, who said that the key was “convenience”.

“The demand for after-hours service has risen due to changing lifestyles, professions, constant need to be connected. Moreover, the ambiguity of the laws for extending services at night is extremely discouraging for businesses to take the segment seriously even if they see demand,” she told

“Most start-ups and businesses are experimenting with newer formats to bring in a new wave of entrepreneurs who are ready to take up the challenge of solving this problem,” Jain added.


Jammu also picking up the pace with this trend of escorting business to your door steps like the rest of the country. Today, you don’t have the mood to cook that lofty dinner after a tiring day at work, no worries, that humble restaurant round the corner would deliver the exotic cooked food for a special treat today. And not just the milk and pizza, many more articles can be ordered right at the door steps. From medicines to daily groceries, many local entrepreneurs are taking extra efforts in providing services like home delivery, pre-ordering and monthly ration delivery to compete against the national and international chains budding in the state. So, got to have a party at home with almost no time to spare to go for grocery shopping, just dial in!

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