Diamond Crew | Jammu De Munde

Jammu is not devoid of talent really and this video on Rapper Flow DC‘s channel by Diamond Crew is quite an example of that. The fact that these guys are a young lot is exemplary and means much for the music scene in Jammu. As it is there are barely artists from Jammu, who have made a name for themselves and Jammu should support these budding rappers. Who knows these guys, with your support and love may become the next big thing in Jammu.

Scroll Down for details on who these guys are

The self-funded video basically has shots from various famous spots in Jammu and has been shot mostly at Mubarak Mandi complex. Show them some love Jammu! You can make these boys stars!


Raja the RapperRaja the Rapper: Raja is from Kathua and is pursuing Civil engineering. He is one of the rappers in video.









Rapper Flow DC Rapper Flow DC is also from Kathua and is pursuing a diploma in Electronics and Communication from Jammu







Lucky Lucky is the main singer in the song and  is the only guy from Jammu in the group. Lucky and Rapper Flow DC had met originally in Punjab during the music auditions for a Reality TV Singing show. They have been friends ever since.







Emo Boy Emo Boy is pursuing graduation from Hiranagar and is a second year student.










Parveen Sharma Praveen Sharma is the director of this video.