Did you know the children of JK Militants have a special Quota in Pakistani Colleges?

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Jammu and Kashmir News

Srinagar : The Intelligence agency from Pakistan, ISI, along with Hizb-ul-Mujahideen’s leader, Syed Sulaludin, have joined hands to help the families of the militants from Jammu and Kashmir.

These agencies have come up with the idea of providing admission to the children of all the militants from the state to the colleges in Pakistan. For this purpose, they have reserved seats for the students by means of an undefined quota.
Sulaludin is the President of United Jihad Council, who took the responsibility of the Pathankot Air Base attack a few months ago. He has been working actively towards this mission of educating the children of Militants in Pakistan. By means of this undertaking, the Terror groups have contacted the youth from the state who abandoned their families in order to join the radicals.
According to the reports of the Indian intelligence agencies, Sulaludin, with help from ISI, has been transferring youth across the border and giving them admissions in Medical, Engineering and Management Colleges. The Indian agencies have expressed their concern over the fact that students who are being lured in the name of College admissions, might be influenced and brain-washed to join these radicals. Reservation of the students from Kashmir has been implemented in Islamabad.
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