Digidhan Mela : Bumper hit or Flop show ?


The Govt. organised an event ‘Digidhan Mela’ in Gulshan Ground, Jammu today. A large mass of people came to witness the event from rural and urban areas of Jammu and adjoining regions. The aim of this event was to create awareness among the common people about the benefits of using Mobile Technology for the purpose of personal banking. It makes a part of the initiative taken by the Central Govt. to boost the idea of cashless economy post demonetization.

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A lot of stalls representing various departments of the state administration and private companies were set up. Horticulture, Agriculture, RTO, Airtel, J&K Bank and others provided essential information and carried out registration on spot for the visitors. A cultural programme was also organised to amuse the crowd.

But, a lot of confusion was seen among the crowd. Especially, at the Aadhar Card stall, people  stood in long queues waiting for their turn.

On asking, Rani devi (a visitor) said, “When we go to offices, we have to face delays, lack of information and unanswered queries. And even in here, it didn’t make any difference.” Another visitor, Brighu had to say, “I came from so far to attend this event but nothing could be done so far.”. Visitors had to complain about the duration of this ‘Mela’, that was kept to the bare minimum 1-day. People perceived it as a show off  rather than a serious move to benefit the common man. The Govt. expenses to organise poorly managed events that comes off tax payer’s money, and produce lesser benefits, is a display of mediocrity. It poses a serious question on the commitment of the Govt. to help its citizens than to attract media attention from its latest fads.