DIPR Launches Website To Counter Fake News


Jammu, April 4: Jammu and Kashmir Department of Information & Public Relations launched a website to counter fake news and misinformation and to generate awareness among the people in the context of COVID-19 pandemic.

Syed Shehrish Asgar, Director Information & Public Relations tweeted as “Our initiative is to help you counter fake news. DIPRJK in its endeavour to help you with true information launches the website diprjkfactcheck.in. Check what’s fact & what’s fiction. Our effort to kill fake news and empower the public with information”.

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The department has informed that spreading fake news, misinformation and fear mongering can land a person in jail besides it is a punishable offense and knowingly or unknowingly forwarding any fake news is a crime.

She further added that citizens can report any fake news, misinformation, fear/hate mongering message received on whattsupp or any other social media site on www.diprjkfactcheck.in.

The department fervently appealed the public not to fall prey to fake news rather report it, verify and check it at the available official social sites.