DIPR regularly providing Urdu newspapers, press clippings to Raj Bhavan: Official Spokesman


The Government has strongly refuted the distorted news report regarding purported discontinuation of subscription of vernacular newspapers by the Raj Bhavan.

“The news report claiming that the Raj Bhavan has stopped subscription of the Urdu language newspapers is factually incorrect and grossly disingenuous,” said an official spokesman while responding to the news report appearing in a local English daily today. 

He said the fact is that the Raj Bhavan is being supplied Urdu newspapers regularly by the state’s Department of Information and Public Relations alongwith translation of important clippings as per the Department’s mandate. “Earlier, all the newspapers including vernacular newspapers were being provided to the Raj Bhavan directly by the authorized news agent, but of late these newspapers are being supplied by the DIPR officially,” he said and added that during the political government, DIPR is mandated to supply newspapers and magazines to the Chief Minister and other dignitaries in the State.

The spokesman said that in addition to newspapers, DIPR is regularly sending important press clippings from English, Urdu and Hindi newspapers to Raj Bhavan for the perusal of the Governor.

Besides, he said, a summary of the public grievances highlighted by the vernacular press is being translated into English regularly by DIPR and sent to the Governor’s Secretariat, Advisors to the Governor and the Chief Secretary on daily basis. 

Expressing dismay over the misleading news report, the spokesman said that before having rushed through with its publication, the journalist should have, in tune with the professional ethics, at least contacted some responsible government functionary to get the facts correct.

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