Disarray in the decision making of some ministers kept major transfers on hold


Srinagar, August 20: Being indecisive over the posting of some senior officials, the cabinet has deferred all the major transfers, including in police department which was said to be on cards for the cabinet meeting held on Wednesday.

The decision of transfers had to be kept in limbo for some time because of unanimity seen on several decisions about the transfers of some officers. Some ministers in the cabinet who objected to the postings of some civil officers due to which the list has been kept in abeyance.

Sources said that though the fate of former SMC commissioner G.N.Qasba, Talat Aziz, former Director Tourism is uncertain, there are several other officials about whom the Government is mulling to take action. “But there is no similarity in the decision making within the cabinet due to which the subtle issues are being avoided,” they added.

Meanwhile, the Government had to come up with the excuses over why it didn’t ordered the transfers in police and civil administration on Wednesday. It stated that the cabinet could not take up the agenda of transfers of police and civil officers because discussion and decision on other important agenda points consumed so much time that the members unanimously decided to defer the matter of transfers to next cabinet meeting scheduled for August 21, 2015.