Dishonest informer helped militants to kill Altaf Laptop

Srinagar, October 10: In a striking revelation, Altaf’s murder plot has taken a gruesome turn. A top police official has exposed the  suspected reason behind killing of SI Altaf Ahmed Dar, whose death stirred a wave of Shock in the police department and political circles. Being called the backbone of counter-insurgency operations, Altaf who was martyred while tracking the movement of a Militant was laid to rest by militants on October 7.

As per the statement of a top official, there is a major suspicion that the SI died because of the wrong information provided to him by one of his sources. The SI apparently had full faith in the sources and thus fell prey to a source trap. As per reports in a local daily newspaper, it has been suspected that this man who used to provide him information regarding the movement of terrorist double-crossed him.

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The police official also explained that there was a dedicated team of 40 commandos at Altaf’s disposal but he choose to chase the load carrier that was ferrying Abu Qasim and some other militants ‘alone’. He did so, because he was apprised by the trusted source, that Abu Qasim was travelling alone, but as the SI approached the carrier, a group of men jumped out of the vehicle, who fired indiscriminately on Altaf’s vehicle and ran away.

As per Police suspicion, this was  pre-planed by militants with the help of informer to dent JKP decade long expertise on counterinsurgency.

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