Disillusioned with Congress; Chief Spokesperson Farooq Renzushah resigns; Steps-in for Reviving Kashmir



October 25: Chairman Media and Chief Spokesperson for Congress in Jammu & Kashmir Mr. Farooq Renzushah has offered his resignation letter to Party President Smt. Sonia Gandhi. He had been inducted last year after an illustrious service in the Jammu & Kashmir Administration. He had served as Chairman, Additional Commissioner, Deputy Chairman, VC SDA, Director Information and President KAS Officers Association.
In his resignation letter directly addressed to Sonia Gandhi, he said that the devastating floods last month were caused by casual approach of the flood management which led to the drowning of Srinagar and South Kashmir. He also referred to Congress Minister Taj Mohiddin’s statement in this regard, where the Minister had blamed the Flood Control Minister for the calamity.
In his resignation letter he also pointed out the casual approach of the Congress Party in reviving the economy and instead harping on elections without realizing how much loss people have suffered.
The resignation letter submitted by him directly to Sonia Gandhi was circulated to the Media early in the morning.
While revealing his future plan, he said that he will focus on development of Kashmir which has come down to the level of zero due to the disastrous floods.

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Having resigned as Chief Spokesperson for the Congress Party in Jammu & Kashmir, Mr. Farooq Renzushah taday launched his own political party called Kashmir Development Front. In his resignation letter to Sonia Gandhi, Renzushah had indicated that his future work would be for the revival of flood hit kashmir. This is his first step in that direction.