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Disorderly roadside parking causing long traffic jams


By Citizen Journalist Amaya

More than the increasing number of vehicles, it is the people who are to be blamed for the long painful traffic jams that everybody is made to face during the peak hours of the day. More than the traffic, the haphazard parking of personal vehicles on the roadsides is what disrupts the smooth vehicular traffic everywhere in the city. De-congestion and widening of the roads has been in the government’s promises’ list but nowhere in the priority list, because of which the regular commuter is suffering from months. Below are the pictures of BC road where disorderly vehicular parking is the evident cause of the traffic jam. The government should provide a full fledged parking space near the Trikuta Complex where the narrow space is what causes such long traffic jams. There is no provision of free or paid parking space and the people carelessly end up parking on the roadside itself.

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