Diwali : Festivity From Dusk to Dawn


By Amaya

Diwali-one of the most awaited festivals of India, celebrated with spreading light and joy everywhere is not only significantly important but isalso immensely enchanting. Though the festive roots depict the historical and mythical meaning of this day as the occassion began as Lord Rama’s grand homecoming but this festival ceases all religion barriers and is nearly celebrated in every nook and corner of India and even abroad, with people equally enjoying from all religions. Since India is diverse country, the celebrations differ from one part to another but here are a few major things that one loves to indulge in, from dusk to dawn in order to celebrate the sacred day of lights.

1. Decking up for the day

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The day begins with kicking away your pillows early and gracing yourself in your festive avatar adorned with every ounce of beauty, color and glitter to enhance the festive spirit. The little children eagerly get into their new clothes to kick start the day in the best possible manner.

2. Riot of colors

The timeless art of Rangoli is considered auspicious on Diwali, one gets indulged in this colorful riot to add to the beauty of the day. The entrance is decorated with vibrant colors which holds much significance than being a mere means of decor. Since the day is considered as to welcome goddess Lakshmi, the rangoli is also made to herald her coming with a blissful account of colors right at your doorstep.

3. Lighting up every corner



Since the day is all about spreading light over darkness, every corner is illuminated with decoration leaving no corner of your home untouched. Magazines, Internet come up with various easy decoration ideas during this time that you can try to add more charm to the your lovely home. Every place is adorned with colorful lamps and lights everywhere. Candles, Diyas are made at home as well and are made to add cheer to the day

4. The eternal aroma of food


The importance of every festival in India relates it to FOOD! This day being one of the most celebrated ones highly brings the attention towards your kitchen and in other words can also be connoted as the festival of food. Numerous new dishes are tried out from the festive menu and home made sweets being your first preference are made with an added ounce of love and happiness today.

5. Getting together Getting along


For many of us exchanging gifts and greetings might look like a sham but it actually does a lot to bind everyone together. Relatives and neigbours are welcomed warmly and that absolutely adds to the charm of the day as it is all about celebrations and what are celebrations without friends and family? So splurge more, but on emotions.

6. Delightful divinity of Diyas


Diyas are symbolic of light and hope. The day is intended to fade away the dark from everyone’s life and add light and hope to it. By evening, sacred diyas and candles are placed everywhere making the night glow with their divine light which brings hope, happiness, homeliness and all the desired joy.

7. Lakshmi Poojan


Diwali is the day of welcoming goddess Lakshmi which brings prosperity and joy. After all the festivity of buzzing up with family, friends, fireworks the day is concluded with a long Pooja of gooddess Lakshmi. All family members get together and pray to the supreme power to keep lighting up their days with joy and prosperity. The pooja is performed with different rituals varying from one religion to another.

8. Fireworks- Crack thoughtfully


This probably is one of the most loved reason of Diwali wait for children, much is spent on buying huge variety of crackers present everywhere in the city, stalls are placed in every market. Though it ruins the air around you, causing pollution and damage everywhere but well you don’t have to let the festivity fade, a little of everything is a must to celebrate but one should keep an adequate check on the pollution it creates. Instead of the traditional crackers which bang with the maximum noise and environment pollution, this time you can go a little eco friendly buying the less damaging eco friendly products. The day can still be enjoyed with that much fervor and zeal without putting anybody’s health or environment on stake.


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