Diwali Sweets you can make at home – DIY

Break the monotony of the common sweets this Diwali festival by trying these simple yet delightful recipes for sweets at home. All of them are super easy to make at home. 

Dry Fruit Laddus

DryFruit Laddus
Image Courtesy – Talking Cranes

To make Dry Fruit Laddus, fry desiccated coconut and khoya in ghee. Add milkmaid to it while stirring and then add roasted dry fruits after a while. Cook this mixture till it is slightly thick. Now keep this mixture at room temperature to cool. Now, Grease your hands with ghee, make ladoos and cover these ladoos with desiccated coconut and cardamom powder. Dry fruit laddus are ready to serve. These work well for Diwali because many of these can be made and many mouths can be stuffed.

You can also preserve them for days in an air-tight jar.

Badam Katli

Badam Katli
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Like Kaju Katli, you can also make Badaam Katli at home. The recipe is simple.

Roast Almond flour in a pan for a minute by stirring continuously to avoid burning.  Add sugar and stir again for 2 minutes on medium flame. Rest for five minutes and you will see the flour colour will changing to brown. Add cardamom powder, 2 tbsp of milk and mix well. Keep on stirring until it forms a mass (dough). Grease a plate with ghee and pour this mixture, spread it evenly in thin layer and allow it to cool. Spread the sliver warq and cut in desired shape.

Banana Sheera

Image Courtesy - www.ashwita.com
Image Courtesy – ashwita

That is one famous recipe of southern India and can serve as a replacement to the monotonous Suji halwa. To make it, heat oil or ghee in a pan and then add the pre roasted semolina and fry for 2-3 minutes. Add the finely chopped bananas and stir. Add milk, dry fruits and cardamom powder to the mixture, stir until the semolina absorbs the liquids and swells up. Add sugar and keep on stirring. Ensure that the whole mixture is smooth and not lumpy. Simmer for 2-3 minutes on a low or medium flame. Lastly, add the crushed saffron and cook for another 2-minutes and the Banana Sheera is ready to serve. 

Shahi Tukda

Image Courtesy - www.awesomecusines.com
Image Courtesy – awesome cuisines

Shahi tukra literally gets translated to royal piece but is a most simple sweet recipe to make at home and an amazing one. For this, slice the crusts of the bread. Cut them into squares, rectangles or triangles as per your wish. Toast these in ghee on both the sides. Dip them in sugar syrup. Arrange these in a serving plate and then pour rabri over it. Add Silver warq and the Shahi Tukda is ready to eat.

Tip: It tastes best when chilled.

Chocolate Mousse

Image Courtesy - www.cbc.ca.com
Image Courtesy – cbc

And if you are a fan of baking, this recipe is definitely for you. Melt chocolate, whip ice cream, mix both and pour it into serving bowls. Refrigerate it for 4 hours and decorate it with chocolate shavings, tutty-frutty, cherries, choco-chips, fruit slices, wafers, nuts, dark chocolate sauce; whatever you like and fancy. Serve the eggless chocolate mousse made with love to your loved ones.

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