DM Jammu bans excavation of minor minerals in periphery of bridges, hydraulic structures 

JAMMU, AUGUST 08 – The District Magistrate Jammu today imposed ban on excavation of minor minerals from rivers and Nallahs in the periphery of Bridges (Motorable and Railway) and other hydraulic structures.

The ban has been imposed to check uncontrolled extraction of minor minerals like Sand, Bajri, and RBM from Tawi, Niki Tawi, Nallah near Sidra Bypass Bridge, Jhajjar Nalla , Kattal, Battal Nallah, Chenab River and all other water bodies, particularly in the vicinity of Bridges (Motorable and Railway), Major hydraulic structures including siphon, aqueduct, protection bunds etc to prevent damage to their basements and supper structures.

The order issued by DM, Jammu, Simrandeep Singh, in exercise of powers vested in him under section, 144 CrPC, restrains any person , vehicle or machine , whomsoever or whichever, to excavate Sand, Bajri and RBMs from the rivers mentioned within a periphery of 1 KM of all major structures like bridges, siphon, aqueducts, protection bunds.

“This restriction shall also apply on local Nallahs within the distance of 150 meters periphery of culverts, vented causeway for period of two month from the date of issuance” the order states further.

Pic courtesy: clkr clipart