Meet the famous ‘Do-aane (12.5 paise) waale’ Hakeem Ji

Puneet Gupta

At the Krishna Temple, in the Purani mandi area, an Ayurvedic consultant has been curing people of their ailments for ages. If you have been to the Krishna (Radhe Shyaam Temple) you would know that one has to climb a few steps to reach the room. Before entering the small room, you are required to take off your shoes and a carpet is laid out inside for the visiting patients for seating. As soon as one enters the room, one can actually see a small table placed on which are various old bottles containing Ayurvedic medicines. You can easily find  many people both elderly and young who come to him for consultation.

Meet Dr. Ashutosh Magotra, also known as the do-aane waale Hakeem Ji. He is an Ayurvedic vaidya but the name has carried from the time of his father.

Ashutosh Magotra
Ashutosh Magotra

The ayurvedic practice was started by his father in 1950’s and when he passed away in 1993, his son, Ashutosh Magotra, continued the legacy. His father used to charge ‘Do-aane (12.5 paise)‘ and the charges have not gone up. People who visit Dr. Magotra say that both his father and him have God’s gift of treating people.

Dr. Magotra clear some facts for us. He tries to treat people by Pathya Ayurveda , a method of treating diseases by changing not only their diet & lifestyle but also by educating the to improve their thought process to ensure that diseases do not come back.

Mr. Ashutosh Magotra, the ayurvedic consultant (Vaidya/Hakeem) comes for consultation between 11 and 1 on weekdays and starts examining the patients one by one. One thing that anybody can notice is that he personally knows all his patients, which makes it safe to conclude that only those people who know him exclusively come to him for seeking advice. But, the most interesting thing about this doctor is that even today he charges about 12.5 paise as his consultation fee, exactly the same amount which was charged by his father in 1950’s through 1993.

He does not have rigid thinking about Ayurved though and accepts that he himself directs a few cases for medical treatment through other streams of medical sciences. Most importantly, he educates his patients about curing their ailments by changing their lifestyle alone keeping medicine as an extreme last resort.

He believes that Ayurved is a complete science and is not reluctant to confess that he takes only those cases which he thinks can be treated by Ayurved. In his opinion, all the other medical sciences are offshoots of ayurved itself and are incomplete in themselves.

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