Do It Yourself: Creative use of wine bottles  #10

If you have lots of old wine and beer bottles at home, don’t just throw them, there are a number of re many creative ways to reuse these. It is a simple and quick task and do not require much effort.  Following is what you can do:


Image Courtesy: Hitthenews
Image Courtesy: Hitthenews

Create beautiful hanging wine bottle planters that at perfect for winos and non-winos alike. And just like wine itself, this planter gets better with age!


  • Empty wine bottle
  • Spool twine
  • Bag of moss
  • 20 gauge copper wire
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • standard candle
  • glass cutter tool
  • small, lightweight house plant
  • Package of ice
  • Small bucket
  • Duct tape
  • Sheet of sand paper
  • Planting soil
  • rope


  1. Tape end of wine bottle
  2. Press glass cutter firmly and carefully score the bottle completely around in a straight line.
  3. Burn score with candle
  4. After you have completed a circle of flames, submerge end of the bottle into ice water. It may help to light tap your wine bottle to the side of the bucket to remove the end of bottle.
  5. Take your sand paper and buff down the hard edges.
  6. Cover the roots of plants with moss, secure it with copper wire
  7. Plug bottle top with paper towel and add planting soil
  8. Remove the paper towel plugging the lip of the wine bottle, and push plant through the layer of soil till wire is exposed at the top.
  9. To finish off the look, add rope to the lip of the bottle and up through wire that will be our hanger. Then take your lighter to get rid of the rope fuzziness.
  10. Pour water through the top of the wine bottle over a sink, to avoid spilling. After your plant has drunk it’s fill, hang your beautiful new wine bottle planter indoors or outdoors, salute!













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