Do It Yourself: Creative use of wine bottles  #2

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If you have lots of old wine and beer bottles at home, don’t just throw them, there are a number of re many creative ways to reuse these. It is a simple and quick task and do not require much effort.  Following is what you can do:




  • Empty wine bottle, with labels removed
  • Flat woods
  • Drilling Machine

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Get two pieces of flat wood and make two holes on the edge of each plank. One word of advice, don’t drill the holes all the way through in the lower shelf. Only drill from below to half depth then rest the planks on the tops of the bottles. This allows the necks of the bottles to pass straight through. Once you screw in the hooks halfway between each hole, your module is good to go. For better stability, you may need some more hooks to help the strainer reach between the lower and upper hooks.