Do It Yourself: Creative use of wine bottles  #5

Image Courtesy: Hitthenews

If you have lots of old wine and beer bottles at home, don’t just throw them, there are a number of re many creative ways to reuse these. It is a simple and quick task and do not require much effort.  Following is what you can do:


Image Courtesy: Hitthenews
Image Courtesy: Hitthenews

Making your own wine bottle accent lights is a creative, customizable and Super Easy


  • Old wine bottles
  • Diamond tipped drill
  • Electric wire
  • Bulbs


  1. Drill a flat surface with diamond tipped drill
  2. Remove the bottom of bottle
  3. Take a wire and pull it through the drilled hole of flat surface
  4. Pull the other end out of the mouth of bottle
  5. Connect electric bulb to it
  6. Connect the flat surface on the ceiling and with electric supply


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