Do It Yourself: Creative use of wine bottles #6

Image Courtesy: Hitthenews

If you have lots of old wine and beer bottles at home, don’t just throw them, there are a number of re many creative ways to reuse these. It is a simple and quick task and do not require much effort. Following is what you can do:


If you have recently hosted a party event and are left with lots of wine and beer bottles, why not put them to good use by building a wall in your backyard. You can enjoy extra privacy and keep those nosy neighbours out.


  • Diamond tipped drill bit
  • Rubber washers
  • Plenty of empty bottles


Start by removing the metal collar from the bottles’ necks using tin snips. Bottles with a dimple at the bottom are easier to drill so you can do those first. When you begin drilling, it’s best to wear safety glasses.

After all the bottles have been drilled, they need to be rinsed in water. Perhaps the most time consuming part of the job is removing the bottles’ labels with a paint scraper. To build your wall, you will need some powder-coated curtain rods threaded in the bottom fitting of the bottles. Once you have placed all the rods in the bottles, the top part of the bottles must be put over the top of the rods onto the bar. You can use a variety of patterns and bottle colours to suit your personal taste.

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