Do It Yourself: Creative use of wine bottles #8

Image Courtesy: Hitthenews

If you have lots of old wine and beer bottles at home, don’t just throw them, there are a number of re many creative ways to reuse these. It is a simple and quick task and do not require much effort.  Following is what you can do:


If you are planning on having a tropical holiday soon, or you live somewhere hot and humid, you should think about repelling those pesky mosquitos. Along with insect-repelling sprays, you can minimise the annoyance factor by recycling your wine bottle into a useful citronella candle. Not only this creative idea will repel those annoying flies, but it also makes your backyard entertainment look a bit classier.

Image Courtesy: Hitthenews
Image Courtesy: Hitthenews


  • Old wine bottles
  • Bag of marbles and small rocks
  • Teflon Tape
  • Torch Fluid
  • Funnel


Simply place a bag of marbles or a handful of small rocks in the bottom of the wine bottle. At the mouth of the bottle, wrap some Teflon tape about half an inch wide. The idea is to use a bit more tape than you need to so you can press the tape down into place after filling the bottle with torch fluid. With the use of a funnel, it can still minimise the amount of torch fluid that may spill out of the bottle.

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