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Kashmir has been subjected to much more suffering than just the political and regional chaos. The student culture there is unlike in the other parts of India- unvoiced, unheard and banned. In the largest learning seat in Kashmir- active politics was banned five years ago and the university and colleges don’t have any concept of students’ elected  unions anymore.  With the intention of not allowing any politics in the university sphere, the student unions that were functioning sometime ago were banned. KUSU was the only elected students’ body at the time and that too was demolished by the government and then followed the beginning of official ban on student politics in the university.

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The new ruling government has however, reopened the chapter of student politics in the varsity by campaigning for allowing the student union on the campuses to make the students part of the democratic process. Naeem Akhtar suggested the VC to remove the ban on the students’ union saying that such unions introduce students to a democratic system and there is no reason for the institutions for not having them. The students too, have been condemning the narrow political space that has been given to them by not letting them have any representative party to voice views.

In every education institute, having a space for expression of the concerned youth is as important as academics, the two cannot be separated if a healthy educational atmosphere is intended. Compared to the other universities, students don’t have a very strong say in KU due to the lack of any representative party. There has to be a body to voice their say and with no union in the varsity, the system is compromising on students’ rights. The youth in that manner,barely have any say in the system which is a very deplorable state. Many students believe that the problems in Kashmir are more than just politics and only with the help of an elected student body can those problems be dealt with. The role of unions is not only in student politics but it also contributes to create social awareness and independence among the students.

Also, Jammu and Kashmir is infected with political chaos and is in dire need of young politicians who are more flexible and enthusiastic than the traditional veterans who have been promoting regionalism in the name of politics. Nepotism and favoritism has never done any good to the system and the two are sadly, the core elements in our current political system. If the students are provided a healthy growing atmosphere of politics in the university itself, they can add to the democratic system and can become future politicians. Because, most of the politicians are old and region bound and religion bound- the decision making is slow and often archaic methods are followed, which doesn’t contribute much to the contemporary society demanding a change from the rusted systems.  On the other hand, if they are denied this vital political space, they would never be able to voice their views and opinions and one cannot anticipate any change or improvement. With such unions, the system can be introduced to new ways of politics with the young and enthusiastic students coming on board.

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